Thursday, May 24, 2012

Born and Raised

Have you heard it?  I LOVE it.  I think John has grown up a little. :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


This song makes me so happy! Is it just me or does it get you even more excited for the Summer Olympics?? Here is the story behind the song.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hanging a Heavy Antique Window

I have wanted to hang my antique window in my entryway, but have been nervous to hang such a heavy item on the wall.  If it fell?? Yikes!

I came across this post and it saved my life.  Interlocking brackets!  Genius, and they were a cinch to put on.  I followed the directions in the post, and then did the tooth paste trick to make sure I was drilling in the right spot.  Got the level out after it was hung, and BAM! It was straight.

The window and dresser were both antique shop finds.  I will redo the dresser at some point.  For now I have only changed out the knobs.  I am hoping to find an antique pink radio sit next to my aqua radio. Love my pink chippy window!  So happy there are so many smart bloggers to help me figure out my projects. :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sugar Town

I love the song, and think this stop motion video is adorable!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fireflies and a life lesson

 The fireflies are out!  Yipee!  I need to drag out my big camera, here are a few I grabbed with my phone.  My kids are over the moon excited about them.  Kaitlin kept saying "Thanks for moving us to Missouri! and This is the best day of my life." It's fun to see them so excited.  Hallie is determined to catch them.  Apparently the peak mating season is the first 3 weeks of June, so we should be seeing lots over the next month.

 We did our first big shopping day at Sam's.  We were able to go in at 7:00!!  I love getting things done early.  I have been a bit bummed that the nearest Costco is 3 hours away.  I must say I was pleasantly surprised by Sam's.  They have great stuff! Like Olive Garden salad dressing and my sweet orange Rachael Ray pan.
After shopping we came home to find this little baby robin on our lawn.
 Yes, again I need to bring out the big camera.  My girls were excited to see her.  The little bird wasn't hurt. Just resting for a bit.  See the fuzzy feathers on the top of her head?  Here is one last firefly pic. For now anyway. :)
Playing soccer with daddy! I was so excited to snap this just as a firefly lit up.

On a totally unrelated topic....Friday evening we had a guy knock on our door selling alarm systems.  Ryan was very polite and told him it sounded great, but we are renting so we can't have anything installed at the house.  Today at church there were 4 young married couples out here selling alarm systems for the summer.  Yes indeed the guy that came by Friday goes to church with us!  He came up to Ryan and said "Do you remember me?"  Ryan said yes, and one of the other alarm salesman said "Was he nice to you, or did he slam the door in your face?"  The kid said that Ryan was nice to him.  I was thinking about how awful that would have been if Ryan would have been a dink to the guy.  A good lesson about being nice even if the person can't do you any good. :)

On the other hand.  My cousins wife was driving down the road one day and accidentally cut a guy off.  She waved and mouthed sorry, but the guy totally road raged on her, flipping her the bird and swearing at her.  The next day she attended her new congregation and guess what?? The guy was there!  They both recognized each other and it was awkward and icky.  Once again.  Be nice!  Right?

Friday, May 18, 2012

Salad,Clock, and Whoopies!

 I am pretty happy that I made this salad, and hung my clock up!  My kids gather around at the top of the hour to see the bird they named Tweety.  My youngest daughter broke her pinky toe this week, so Mr. Birdie has been a nice distraction every hour. :)
 After the yummy salad, I made my first ever Whoopie Pies!!  I found the recipe here.

 Doesn't this little ditty make you excited for summer?! Please have a delightful sunshiny weekend! Oh, and this one is my girls song of the week. They LOVE it. How can you not? It's fun!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Father's Day Shopping

I had to order these for my husband for Father's Day.  It works out great, because I get one too! :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cookoo for Cuckoo Clocks!

 I'm sorry I have been an absent blogger.  I am potty training and it has been a joy!!!  I hope you are sensing my sarcasm here.  She is doing great except for poops.  She holds it for days. Anyway Hal is getting potty awards, and I think I bloody well deserve one too!!  :)   I have been wanting a Pottery Barn Kids cuckoo for about 3 years now.  Too bad for me they sell out, almost as quickly as they come in.  I have found one occasionally on ebay, but they are always a zillion dollars.  I finally found one on ebay and asked the seller to come down on the price and they did!!  Hooray!  now, I need to get some batteries for this little cutie and we will be in business.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Vintage Pink Table

 This sweet little table has been haunting my dreams.  For my past three shopping trips I have admired it, but gone home without it.  After obsessing all weekend, I decided it must be mine.
 So, now that it's home I am trying to figure out how best to utilize it.  I'm thinking of either a nightstand or an entry way table.  Hmmmm any thoughts??

Monday, May 7, 2012

Sunday Drive and The Super Moon

Still loving Missouri!  Still thinking it's the!  Loving the green, people,antiques, and overall good vibes.  Oh except for the ultra mean hillbilly woman at Walmart who yelled at her kid "DO YOU WANT BACK HAND???"  Holy cats she was scary. Other than her, everybody has been a peach. :)

We went for a little drive and I took a few pics.  We relied solely on the GPS on my iPhone.  Trusting it as it led us up dirt roads covered in lizards and standing water.  It reminded us of this.  The MACHINE KNOWS!!!!!!!!! At least we didn't drive into a lake. Er, not a big one anyway. ;)

I'm going blind from all the beauty! ;)

Can you see that a tree is growing right out of the top of that silo????

Here it is from the front.  Awesome!

Cows taking a bath.

My parents live in Utah and hiked up to watch the super moon come up!  I love these images my mother captured.

Another fab barn, and cute little calves in front of us at a traffic light!  Awesome.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Green Beans with New Potatoes

Good golly! Just look what I made from produce I bought from a guy on the street. ;)  They were just what we needed after our Sunday drive ended up on some dirt road in the middle of nowheresville.  Thank goodness for GPS!  . The potatoes and beans were so tasty!  I never thought I would make such a thing.  *Recipe here. :)

*I didn't use salt pork.  I fried up some bacon and then added everything to the grease and cooked bacon.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Do yourself a little favor...

Go see The Avengers, and then come home and make this salad.  They are both SOOO good!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

More Country Goodness

 I bought produce from an actual farmer at a roadside stand today!!! I have never done that before!  I am giddy with excitement.  Here is my loot!
 Can you stand it?  I am tearing up again! ;)
I hung my MO key holder!
 There are actual cows around the corner from us!
 The antique shops are like moths to a flame for me!  I had to go back again today.  How adorable are the little painted farm benches??  They may need to come home with me for my girls.
 I found another vintage apron for my collection
An antique sled for Christmas decor!!  I also bought an old dresser!  It is still in my van.  Somehow the sweet lady at the antique store and I developed super human strength and got it into my van.  The drawers may or may not have flown open at one point and banged somebody's SUV. (I checked the persons car it was okay thankfully!:)   I will have to wait for my husband to help me unload to photograph it.  I found some incredible discounted Anthro knobs to go on it.  Hooray!  

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Weathered Wire Gym Baskets

Olive Manna's gym baskets are at the TOP of my Mother's Day gift wish list.  I LOVE them!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

First Antique Outing!!

Today was my first day to venture out and explore my new world with just me and my girls. We had SO much fun! Vegas is not a place for antiques. In fact I didn't see one antique shop the entire time we lived there. There were a few shops that carried old casino crap, but that's definitely not my bag. The antiques I have collected over the years have primarily been from etsy or ebay. It was so much fun today to hunt through shop after shop without an insane mark up and shipping charges to boot. The excitement started before we even pulled out of our driveway. ;) This little guy was  on our neighbors lawn.  I can't believe all of the critters around here.  There was a lizard on my front step yesterday.  Mr. Turtle here has the prettiest red face.
It's about at this point,  that I start tearing up. Antique shops up and down both sides of this adorable street!!! I was overwhelmed I didn't know what to look at first.  My kids thought it was fabulous too!

How cool are the John Deere painted chairs??  Okay, see the windows to the right of the chairs?  The paint is pale chippy pink!!!!  Guess how much they were??? 5.00!!!!!!!!!  I almost hyper ventilated(and bought one immediately).  We didn't have fabulous shops with old windows in Vegas.  I would have to order them off of ebay.  Do you know how much that would set me back? You don't want to know. ;)  It was ugly, and I would hunt for good deals, and it was still ugly.  I am going to find some fun vinyl for it.

I have always wanted a vintage mixer.  Looky what I found???
THe color isn't looking too hot in the picture, but it is the most lovely sage green.  17.00 baby!!
Th beginnings of my Pyrex collection!!  Little pink bowl and a white and aqua bowl.  Yipee!!! These were 5.00 each.
Last but not least.  Vintage Christmas apron for 3.00!!!  They had some completely adorable gingham aprons, that I may go back for.
More awesomeness they have an antique show every second weekend of the month.  Hooray!
This horse statue is down at the end of our lane, and i just had to photograph.
It was antique heaven I tell ya! Can't wait to go back. Next time it will be with our truck, because the furniture was INCREDIBLE. Have a lovely day!