Monday, April 30, 2012

Favorite Educational App's

I wanted to share a few of our favorite educational apps.  I love all of the different resources available to kiddo's these days.

Math Ninja
Invasion of the Moon Monkeys
Spirit of Math
Math girl number garden
It's cool to be clever
Word Wizard
K-12 Couting
Thumbnail Theater Macbeth
Licking Letters
Brain Pop
Stack the States
Math Bingo
Rocket Math
Weird but true
Presidents Vs. Aliens
Splash Math
Stack the countries
Tell time little match ups  
First Words:Halloween

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Birthday Recap

For my birthday this year I wanted to visit The Laura Ingalls Wilder House(read about my visit here), and go to Cracker Barrel for a rocker, and Farm Chicks prints.  I am so,so happy with my prints!! I hung them up the minute we got back yesterday.  They make my kitchen extra cheery and happy. 

GiGi's cupcakes were another must have.  LOVE the cookie dough(top row) flavor!
Here are my sweet rockers for my back porch.  I love to rock and watch the birds.

While I was rocking away last night, I grabbed my camera and tried to snap a pic of a beautiful male cardinal. Of course, he flew away the minute I took the picture. I caught him in flight, so he is a bit of a blur. Better luck next time. :)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Laura Ingalls Wilder House

 Last night Gayle from Garden of Daisies emailed me to let me know that we live near Laura Ingalls Wilders home!!  Since today is my birthday I decided we must visit immediately!  My poor husband was the only man in our tour group, he was stuck with a bunch of giddy women.  The other ladies that were there touring, were just as thrilled as I was.(I think we were all crushing on Almanzo)
 The grounds are gorgeous!! We saw a few bunnies hopping around, and of course our beloved cardinals.
 Front of the house

 They said Almanzo built the chimney so strong that it's never crumbled, or pulled away from the house.
 Almanzo,Laura, and their daughter Rose's graves

Isn't the cemetery pretty?? Their graves are inside the chained area with the bushes.
Since today is Saturday it must be the Amish day to go into town we saw about 10 wagon today.  It was so fun!

  I was so overjoyed to visit Laura and Almanzo's home.  I loved her books as a child, and of course the t.v. show.  Please forgive my indoor picture quality.  They only allow pictures of the outside.  I'm sorry, I had to sneak some of the inside.  It just had to be done.  I tried to follow the rules, but it's like my hands became independent from my body and started snapping pics with my phone.(when Mrs. Tour guide wasn't looking of course. :)
Ma and Pa!

Almanzo!  Manly really was Manly wasn't he?? CUTE! Love the little Valentine Laura sent to Almanzo.

Pretty dress made by Laura. The picture below is of her wearing the dress.

The Wilder's mailbox
Laura's creamer
Almanzo and Laura's daughter Rose's typewriter and desk.
I don't know if you can tell from the pics, but these are the cutest tiniest glasses I have ever seen!
Almanzo's homemade shoes.  They said Almanzo was quite a craftsman.  He could build and make everything.  They said most everything he built still stands today, with structures only needing paint and cleaning.
Almanzo's wallet
Laura's bread making station.  Everything is original expect the cookbook.
Laura's wood burning stove.  They still have logs cut my Almanzo, but I didn't have time to get a pic
Bedroom and bath, that is Almanzo's night shirt hanging on the door.
Laura's writing desk,can you see the little box underneath?  Almanzo built that for Laura to put her feet on. She was only 4'11 so her feet didn't touch the floor.
Pipe Organ

Pa's fiddle!
Front of the house
My girls each got one of these for a souvenir.  It is what Laura and her sisters received for Christmas. Silver cup,peppermint, and a penny.
Quilt made by Laura
Laura and Mary's school slates
Clock Almanzo gave Laura.  The gray half moon shape on the face, is where Almanzo's knuckles rubbed off the paint while winding the clock.

It was SO much fun, I enjoyed every lovely minute of it.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Hail to the Queen!

 Tomorrow I turn 39!  That's right 39!  I will be 40 next year.  I have always loved my birthdays, maybe a little too much.  My mom said as a child, I invited my entire first grade class to our house for a birthday party without her permission.  Parents started dropping their kids off with gifts. She said she quickly made kool-aid and busted out some chips ahoy cookies and let us play in the yard. I think impromptu parties are the best, especially when presents are involved.

On my birthday I declare myself queen, and all of my subjects must do my bidding.  Ahhh it's great. ;)  Luckily I have a sweet family that humors me cheerfully.  The best thing about birthdays is being able to justify fun little purchases from Anthropologie like these amazing farmers market crates!(I only bought the blue one)  I also grabbed a stack of colorful latte bowls!  I've already demanded asked sweetly for breakfast and a rocker from Cracker Barrel. :)

The best thing that happened this week was getting stuck behind a tractor on my way home from the store!
 I love where we live.  It is so delightful and charming.
Here are my bowls. ;)  Happy Birthday Weekend!! ;)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Missouri Key Hook

In honor of moving to Missouri, I had to have one!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Goin' Home

This song was sung at my father in laws funeral last month. We all love this song so much. I love to think about Mike reuniting with his wife,parents,siblings and friends in his heavenly home. Read more about Alex Boye here.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Adorable Disney Headbands

Could these be any cuter???  I had to order for my girls.  I can't wait for them to arrive!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Photo Hanging Tip

Now that most of our boxes are put away I am moving on to hanging things on the wall.  Luckily I pinned this genius tip.  It has worked like a charm.  I put toothpaste on the hooks on the back of my pictures, press it to the wall and then hammer my nail on the toothpaste spots.  Brilliant!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Missouri:I'm in love with you!

We have finally made our way to our new home, the movers made it here with our stuff, and we are starting to settle in.  We about started crying driving through Kansas and Missouri.  SO green!  I am flipping for all of the barns.
I haven't seen Amish since my days as a missionary.  We visited the zoo this week, and there was an Amish family behind us.  My husband told me to stop gawking and come on.  I know, I know.

My girls are wigging out over our sweet new yard.
The view pulling out of our neighborhood.

Awesome winding roads.

I think our cable guy thought I was a mental patient, when I started screaming about the cardinal outside. :)  We didn't have those little sweeties in the West.
They let you feed the giraffes!  Sweet!

Super cool house.
Another awesome barn!