Friday, August 24, 2012

Another Batch of Barns!

I couldn't be happier about all of the beautiful barns in Missouri!!  Most of my pics are taken with my phone, while I am driving around.  I really should keep my big camera in the car with me.  

 The Round Barn has been restored for use as a reception center.
 This sweet truck was in a field near one of my barns, so I had to photograph.
 I think the color on this barn is stunning.  I really need a better picture.
Pretty little hillside barn.

LOVE this yellow barn! I'm sure I will have another batch soon. I have a bit of an addiction going on.


DearHelenHartman said...

Best pics bar(n) none! Never saw a yellow barn, but it sure is cute. AND I bet that's the first time that red truck has ever been called sweet ;)

Pat said...

I always thought I would love to buy a barn and make it into a home. Lovely photos!

Rach said...

Old barns. I just love love LOVE old barns! Can you imagine the stories they could tell?

Did I ever tell you about B's godparents who wound up with a pink barn?