Sunday, July 15, 2012

More Pinterest Gems!

So I downloaded this, and it is FABULOUS!  Very O' Brother Where Art Thou.  I also listened to show tunes on Pandora.  I am now in love with Wicked music.  I must go see it sometime!
I pinned this, and made it for my family this weekend.  They loved it.  it was great because we had plenty of leftovers so I didn't have to cook all weekend!


Rach said...

I reorganized my Om Nom Nom board today. This imposed bed rest (of sorts) seems to be good for something at least. :oP I rediscovered so many goodies I have GOT to try. Now, to get back on my feet...

Jill said...

I've made this a few times, also from Pinterest, we loved it too!!