Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hanging a Heavy Antique Window

I have wanted to hang my antique window in my entryway, but have been nervous to hang such a heavy item on the wall.  If it fell?? Yikes!

I came across this post and it saved my life.  Interlocking brackets!  Genius, and they were a cinch to put on.  I followed the directions in the post, and then did the tooth paste trick to make sure I was drilling in the right spot.  Got the level out after it was hung, and BAM! It was straight.

The window and dresser were both antique shop finds.  I will redo the dresser at some point.  For now I have only changed out the knobs.  I am hoping to find an antique pink radio sit next to my aqua radio. Love my pink chippy window!  So happy there are so many smart bloggers to help me figure out my projects. :)

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