Tuesday, May 1, 2012

First Antique Outing!!

Today was my first day to venture out and explore my new world with just me and my girls. We had SO much fun! Vegas is not a place for antiques. In fact I didn't see one antique shop the entire time we lived there. There were a few shops that carried old casino crap, but that's definitely not my bag. The antiques I have collected over the years have primarily been from etsy or ebay. It was so much fun today to hunt through shop after shop without an insane mark up and shipping charges to boot. The excitement started before we even pulled out of our driveway. ;) This little guy was  on our neighbors lawn.  I can't believe all of the critters around here.  There was a lizard on my front step yesterday.  Mr. Turtle here has the prettiest red face.
It's about at this point,  that I start tearing up. Antique shops up and down both sides of this adorable street!!! I was overwhelmed I didn't know what to look at first.  My kids thought it was fabulous too!

How cool are the John Deere painted chairs??  Okay, see the windows to the right of the chairs?  The paint is pale chippy pink!!!!  Guess how much they were??? 5.00!!!!!!!!!  I almost hyper ventilated(and bought one immediately).  We didn't have fabulous shops with old windows in Vegas.  I would have to order them off of ebay.  Do you know how much that would set me back? You don't want to know. ;)  It was ugly, and I would hunt for good deals, and it was still ugly.  I am going to find some fun vinyl for it.

I have always wanted a vintage mixer.  Looky what I found???
THe color isn't looking too hot in the picture, but it is the most lovely sage green.  17.00 baby!!
Th beginnings of my Pyrex collection!!  Little pink bowl and a white and aqua bowl.  Yipee!!! These were 5.00 each.
Last but not least.  Vintage Christmas apron for 3.00!!!  They had some completely adorable gingham aprons, that I may go back for.
More awesomeness they have an antique show every second weekend of the month.  Hooray!
This horse statue is down at the end of our lane, and i just had to photograph.
It was antique heaven I tell ya! Can't wait to go back. Next time it will be with our truck, because the furniture was INCREDIBLE. Have a lovely day!


~~Carol~~ said...

I can actually feel your excitement, and seeing those metal garden chairs and those pink windows almost gave me goosebumps! So glad you're able to go antiquing and find lots of goodies. Can't wait to see what you're going to do with that window!

Jill said...

The words antiques and collectibles -I I love to see them!!

Sounds like a wonderful spot for browsing!

If that is just the start of your Pyrex collection - I bet you 're hooked!

Rach said...

My mom furnished her home in antique oak furniture for YEARS. Some of it needed some TLC and to be refinished, but it was gorgeous stuff. I have a couple of pieces now. LOVE hand-me-downs. ;o)

I'm SO so so so SOOOOO happy for you!!! :o)

Rach said...

OH, and Pyrex. Ahhhh, LOVE me some Pyrex. :o)

GardenofDaisies said...

Welcome to the midwest, Jori!! Glad you had a fun day!

Carrie said...

oh I am so excited for you, but honestly after seeing your pictures my stomach hurts a little and my heart is fluttering in not a good way - as only another antique shop lover could understand. I gotta get out of this place. I did find one "antique" shop here. After walking out the door, I was literally fuming that they even were calling themselves antique. Coke bottles and Elvis...that was about it. Gah!