Sunday, April 22, 2012

Missouri:I'm in love with you!

We have finally made our way to our new home, the movers made it here with our stuff, and we are starting to settle in.  We about started crying driving through Kansas and Missouri.  SO green!  I am flipping for all of the barns.
I haven't seen Amish since my days as a missionary.  We visited the zoo this week, and there was an Amish family behind us.  My husband told me to stop gawking and come on.  I know, I know.

My girls are wigging out over our sweet new yard.
The view pulling out of our neighborhood.

Awesome winding roads.

I think our cable guy thought I was a mental patient, when I started screaming about the cardinal outside. :)  We didn't have those little sweeties in the West.
They let you feed the giraffes!  Sweet!

Super cool house.
Another awesome barn!


Leann said...

So glad that all is well and you are getting settled in.

Enjoy the new place!


Sylvia said...

I love all your pictures! What a change from the desert! Looks like the change will be a good one - Keep your blogging up so we know how/what you're doing.