Sunday, April 29, 2012

Birthday Recap

For my birthday this year I wanted to visit The Laura Ingalls Wilder House(read about my visit here), and go to Cracker Barrel for a rocker, and Farm Chicks prints.  I am so,so happy with my prints!! I hung them up the minute we got back yesterday.  They make my kitchen extra cheery and happy. 

GiGi's cupcakes were another must have.  LOVE the cookie dough(top row) flavor!
Here are my sweet rockers for my back porch.  I love to rock and watch the birds.

While I was rocking away last night, I grabbed my camera and tried to snap a pic of a beautiful male cardinal. Of course, he flew away the minute I took the picture. I caught him in flight, so he is a bit of a blur. Better luck next time. :)

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Isabelle Thornton said...

Marvelous! Just saying hi :)