Monday, January 16, 2012


Today life took a turn I didn't want it to.  I was WAY ticked off.  I was kicking up a big stink, and was annoyed all day.  I saw the above quote on Pinterest.  Yep, that is it.  I wanted the opportunity to be in a more attractive package.  Overalls haven't been my thing for many years now. ;)  I believe great opportunity awaits.  :) On The Farm Chicks FB page Serena posted the following song.  I love it!  Also I was one of the first eleven people to email Serena so I won this fun sticker!  Whoohoo! :)

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Rach said...

Yeah, sometimes life just kicks us and knocks us down, and with the voice of Nelson ringing in our heads, we can hear him crying out, "Ha ha!"

I'm glad things are looking better.