Friday, August 12, 2011

Pink Vintage Etsy Finds & the summer wind down.

I am SO in love with my new pink glasses.  I think they are SO fun and unique.  They were a great price, plus my third pair of the summer was recently destroyed by my 3 year old.  This is why I don't buy expensive sunglasses.

Here is my latest ice cream container.  Won't some fluffy glittery snow and a snowman be completely fabulous on top of it??
I think I am focusing on Halloween/Christmas projects to make me feel better about school starting in two weeks!  I enjoy the school year, but it's nice to stay in pj's if we feel like it, and not have a schedule. We have been in our pool  every night.  The water is so warm.  We stay out until all of the bats flutter down to get a drink.  My oldest daughter FLIPS out.  She is convinced one is going to become tangled in her hair.  I love summer because we swim together every night.  It is such fabulous family time.  I need to figure out a fun off season activity for us. :)  We are going school clothes, and supply shopping on Saturday.  I LOVE school supplies.  I would like a bouquet of sharpened pencils.(name that movie:)


Vintage Country Girl said...

You've Got Mail! I LOVE that movie. I also get myself a bundle of sharpened pencils each year when the kids get their supplies! You've also gotten me inspired to make some of those snowman scenes. Thanks.

DearHelenHartman said...

Cute sunglasses. Swimming together as a family is creating such a sweet summer memory.

Rach said...

Yes. We don't have nice things because of the Bean. ;oP Do you know what would happen here if *I* had those amazing pink specs? I'd never see them again, that's what. The Bean would abscond with them. ;oP