Friday, June 10, 2011


We decided to celebrate the last day of school with a little trip. We went to Zions National Park. On the way up we stopped at Ugly Trailer Antiques in Hurricane Utah. I about flipped for this store. It was SO fun! My poor husband doesn't share my love of old junk.  I appreciated him indulging me.  Next time we go to this store, I may need my own ugly trailer to pull my crap treasures home.
Here are a couple of my finds.
Why an ugly plastic boy piggy bank you ask?  Well...when I was little this was one of the "special toys" my grandma kept at her house.  This guy is always what I played with when I visited my grandparents. I was so thrilled to find him.
I also found this awesome turquoise Eskimo fan!  I will post pics of what I am going to do with it. After doing a little shopping we hit the park.  We love going through the tunnel.  It is 1.1 miles long, straight through the mountain.  A few places along the way there are little windows, you can see the windows in the next two pictures.

Whenever we go to Zions we always visit Grafton Utah.  Grafton Utah is where Ryan's grandmother grew up.  She told Ryan stories about when she was little.  She told him about a young girl who died on a swing.  We located her grave the last time we visited.  Ryan has relatives buried in Grafton.  I photographed the headstones so we could do some research.  When we entered the cemetery this week it was like an old western, an entire group of huge lizards scattered as we approached.  I wish I could have taken a quick picture before they ran off.

The next two markers are for a husband and wife who were killed by Indians.

They were so young.  It makes me sad.  There is a section of the cemetery for the Indians that were friendly to the settlers.  I am so happy that people still put flowers on their graves.  I want to learn more about these Indians as well.

Indian Wiley
Indian Hokum
Cedar Pete
After we visited the cemetery we drove into town.  Typically when we visit we can go right up to any of the buildings.  Due to vandalism everything was fenced off this time.  It kills me that people would destroy something so special.  I love the old buildings.

This is the school house my husbands Nana attended.  It was also their church.  I love it.
I told Ryan I wish Nana could take a little break from heaven and come visit Grafton with us, and share all of her stories. :)  I think even a phone call from heaven would be lovely.  I guess I will have to save up my questions until we see her again. :)

It was a wonderful trip, it went by too quickly. I can't wait to go back again.

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Ingrid said...

Your pictures are beautiful! So glad you were able to get away. There is something so nice about that beautiful red rock, and the blue blue sky.

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

Holy Moly!!

What fantastic pics of a fantastic place!!

Thanks so much for taking us along with you!!

Great treasures you found too!


C'est moi Claudette said...

Hey Cupcake
You and me girl with the nice "JUNK". LOVE IT and I would have left Randy in the dust in that great spot.
Now about the park and your memories, how cool is that? I LOVE when we have relatives that have "been there", "lived there", "went to school there". It keeps things in perspective doesn't it? I know what you mean about taking a "break from heaven". I was just thinking about my favourite Aunty and the way we used to pick rhubarb at this time of year. She made the BEST pies. I was wishing she was here to help me make those awesome pies again...
Love the stone tunnel. i would have loved that too.
It's a nice hot day here today. Randy and Colt had to go to the Museum for a school projects. You think being in University they'd grow up, LOL.
I'm hanging with the dogs. Going out to paint stripes on the garage...but it's getting cloudy. With my luck it will start poring cats and dogs ; )
Have a great weekend Jori.

The Atomic Mom said...

Grafton reminds me of many little towns here in New Mexico. Small adobe church/school, a few farm buildings and that's it.

A Few Pennies said...

Wonderful photos and story; the description on the headstones themselves are amazing to read. The mountains are beautiful!

Rach said...

AWESOME finds all around! :o)

There's nothing like a getaway, and I had to laugh, B would be just like Ryan if faced with an antique shop and my desire to purchase "junk". ;o)