Sunday, March 30, 2014

Visiting the Amish

My sister in law is relocating from Utah to Missouri!  We are so excited to have her as a new neighbor.  I have been giving her the Jori tour.  :)  We have visited the Amish two days in a row.  I always marvel at their work ethic!  I think these horses are gorgeous.
 We went to an Amish farm to buy baked goods.  We were sad that they had just sold out.  An extremely handsome 18 year old Amish boy, told us that they begin to sell every Saturday morning at 8.  He chuckled and said "Of course, you don't have to come that early if you don't want to."  Wanting to prolong the interaction(My 19 year old niece was with us.)  I asked if he had any eggs for sale.  He laughed and said "We buy our eggs."  Oh my goodness, he was just oozing charm! I told my niece to smash her iPhone, and marry this boy!  Last night we read about how to convert to Amish. :) I must have cursed us because this morning our hot water heater stopped working.  Time to practice being Amish I suppose. :)

 Those cheeks!

 Love this Amish barn!  Looks like a quilt!
 Peaceful Amish farm.
As always I admire the Amish so much.  I'm glad we have them for neighbors!

Thursday, March 13, 2014


This week has been our spring break!  We have been having a blast in Orlando.  On the way to Florida we stopped by Graceland!  I have always wanted to see it.  
 The tour was so much fun.  Visitor's are not allowed upstairs out of respect for Elivs.  Only Pricilla, Lisa Marie, and the Graceland Curator are allowed in Elvis's bed room.  

 This couch is in Elvis's basement.  It was his tv room.
 Pricilla and Elvis wedding clothes.  Also pictured are some of Lisa Marie's baby clothes.
 Flowers still arrive daily for Elvis.
 I couldn't believe all of his awards!  Just walls, and walls of them!
Elvis grave in the Meditation Garden at Graceland.

 Graceland pool
 Elvis's front room.

 More awards!

 Lisa Marie swing set
 Another angle of the wedding clothes.
 Some of Elvis's costumes!

 Graceland's kitchen.  I expected it to be bigger/fancier than this.

 They said that tv was always on in the kitchen.

Basement pool room.
 Graceland dining room.
 I want Elvis's car collection!!!!

If you ever get to Memphis, Graceland is a must see!! Have you ever been? 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Seeing Red

Today is our 12th snow day folks!  Yesterday, church was cancelled.  We have been hunkering down making bracelets, and bird watching.  I have had to fill the feeder a few times.  We have had a constant crowd during this storm.
 Can you see the pretty little female in the bottom corner? 

Maybe Queen Elsa is causing the weather? 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snow day Cookies!

 Today marks the 8th snow day my kids have had this year!  SO to keep from going stir crazy, we decided to bake.  I used this recipe from Vintage Revival's, and it didn't disappoint!  The girls had a blast decorating them.  They may not be the prettiest cookie, but I am sure they are the tastiest!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Aqua Truck

I'm crazy, cuckoo in love with this truck!  This aqua is so beautiful.  
My dad told me this is a 1950 Chevy.  

I would gladly drive off with it if I could. :)  What's new with you?  Read any good books lately?  I'm always looking for something to read. :)